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In 2007, during a trip to San Miguel, my family discovered the wonderful Truffles of Chocodisiac. My husband and daughter, who are quite opinionated on all things chocolate, pronounced them the best they had ever eaten, and they still stand by that position in 2013. Recently, I was faced with the task of finding the perfect gift for two chefs and two California vintners who were donating their time and product for a dinner in my home. I wanted to thank them in a special way, and I thought of the chocolates from San Miguel. I reached out and Sander was so helpful in getting the perfect gifts made and shipped to Atlanta. Needless to say, my guests have been thanking me ever since. It was the perfect thing for this group, who appreciates the special love given to these truffles. Thank you from Atlanta!!

Added: April 3, 2013
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Friends who retired to San Miguel returned to visit last year, and brought me a beautiful wooden box full of the most delicious and unusual dark chocolates - Chocodisiac! Since then, I have been hoping to get to San Miguel to get more.

I'm thrilled to see that they can be shipped to the USA, and I ordered several boxes to share with friends here.

What a find! My favorites are the Mole Negro and the Damiana. I'd love to know when you're back in the USA and can send more!

Added: October 24 2006
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After succumbing to a waxy, nauseating candy bar one evening to quell my chocolate craving, I decided "enough is enough". I then discovered Chocodisiac thank goodness...what a find in SMA! I ordered the big box (of course!) so that I could get a taste of all the offerings. They are all delicious but my favorites are the cajeta and the raspberry. You can taste the quality and freshness in each piece...and dark chocolate is good for you, so go for it!

Added: November 9, 2005
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A friend of mine ordered a box for me on-line. I went to pick it up at his house on Mesones.

They are absolutely incredible!

Added: October 11, 2005
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Yummy! The pure are excellent and i loved the cacao pod shape. I thought the ganache texture excellent throughout the chocolates. The shells are nicely crisp and there is no graininess as they melt. Great mouth-feel. There are a few flavors i haven't tasted yet, but not many.

I am an insufferable food snob, have eaten the worlds finest chocolates and i have to say yours are quite good.
You're making the finest chocolates I've found in mexico, by far. thank you.

Added: September 15, 2005
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I have never ever liked sweets much...not a desert after dinner or a
craving for something sweet. But THIS is DIFFERENT.

I RECENTLY was introduced to the best of the best if you love chocolate
here in SMA. And please remember I am a person who has probably never bought a candy bar....even one a entire life.

But then again I have traveled the world and tasted the beauty of Belgium. The best beer, the beginning and still the best of what is now called "french fries", and of course chocolate. There are literally places in Belgium where you can taste 100's of local and
amazing beers.

Here is SMA now exists the best of the best if you love chocolate. I was leery. Still, I ordered and was truly amazed. I tried, not being a great "sweet" lover, a couple of the other 'gourmet' chocolate places that sell their wares in town also...tried them and was not impressed with the price. I kept trying to tell myself how darned expensive good
DARK chocolate was anywehre in the world.

BUT....if you want the most amazing chocolates you have tasted perhaps
ANYWHERE in the world.....just get in touch with the new chocolate maker
using the finest Belgian chocolate.....infused with amazing organic
fruits, < Well, no, we don't actually claim the use of organic! Sometimes we do, though.-- Chocodisiac > coffee, etc. Get the mixed box first....and then take note of the description and taste......they they will make your box totally what you want if you can describe it to them later. After a month I refuse to do that as the wonderful surprise of flavors in the best of the best is truly
indescribable. As of today I have ordered a weekly delivery. Let you
know later if I am still alive...heeheee

<sorry, we don't normally deliver; we're a two minute walk from the Jardin - CD>

Added: September 16, 2005
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