About Chocolate

Care & Feeding:

Since we use all natural ingredients and wouldn't dream of adding preservatives, best to keep our truffles in the fridge, or at least below 18C/67F. However, they are tastier if you allow them to warm up to around room temperature just before eating. Ganache is made with heavy cream, so do consume them within three weeks (hardly a challenge...).


It's worth noting that the very high (~75%!) cocoa-content dark chocolate that we use is significantly lower in sugar than lesser quality (not to mention milk!) chocolate. No hydrogenated fats (in place of the natural cocoa butter), no synthetic vanilla ("vanillin") are to be found in Chocodisiac™ chocolate!

While we're not about to suggest that chocolate is actually HEALTH food, do check out this interesting news concerning DARK chocolate and hypertension!

On the subject of health, DO take note of the fact that chocolate is actually toxic to our animal friends (dogs, cats, birds..) DON'T be tempted to share any with them, please!

Cure/preventative for stroke, heart disease, cancer, diabetes and dementia? Read about that here!

Chocolate as a useful non-narcotic treatment for persistant coughs? Read about that here!


Might (dark) chocolate actually be better than sex (okay, kissing, at least)? Check this out!

Here's an interesting page about chocolate with an emphasis on its possible psychoactive properties!


Do you think Chocodisiac™ is expensive? Check out "$2000/lb. Chocolate"!

Other News:
The Chocolate Expo in Paris! 


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